Arijit Banerjee in his next socio-political drama.

Prithibir Chardike Ghore (The Sun Goes Around the Earth), produced by Ava Film Productions Pvt. Ltd, revolves around TC Paul who for the last 40 years has relentlessly written these words on the walls of Kolkata wherever he could. Once employed with the army TC Paul thought he had discovered a proof that will lay to rest the debate that no longer existed. Leaving the army, spending all his saving, deserted by his family, living in a makeshift tent on the roads of Calcutta, often chased and manhandled by people he remains unfazed in his ‘struggle’.

In the same 40 years, the government of the oldest communist party has increased and decreased in the state of Bengal, of which Kolkata is the capital. Chirantan Chatterjee, former left-wing theater activist, now a revolutionary armchair and a reigning star of Bengali cinema, meets Pal in a casual encounter and is intrigued. He calls Sanjib, a fellow political traveler, once, and asks him to investigate Pal. What makes this guy continue ... Chirantan asks ... when we drop the ball and run?

It is this dichotomy, this juxtaposition of thoughts that makes this sociopolitical piece a tasty adventure in the cinema.

The Poster launch (1) Giving a brief idea about your movie, director Arijit Banerjee He said: Everyone likes the story of a helpless person. Our mythical heroes always fight against insurmountable odds and win. And what can be more amazing than the story of a street scientist challenging the science that runs the world. Winning or losing is irrelevant, this is a fight that must be seen to be believed.

“A few years ago, Paromita sent me a story where this character from KC Pal played an important role. The character immediately aroused his interest and I asked him if he could redesign the story. The script I wrote was selected in NFDC Screenwriting Lab in 2015 and I started thinking seriously about turning this into a movie. Fortunately, I received a lot of help from my friends and, of course, from Pawanji ... and AVA finally produced this movie, Arijit added.

However, making the film was not a bed of roses. He had his challenges. Arijit adds: In addition to managing the funds ... which fortunately was resolved once AVA and Pawanji intervened ... I think we have been extraordinarily fortunate in getting the right cast. This was probably the hardest part that was solved by almost all the right people who said yes to the movie. Deepakda was the first to read the script and agreed ... He had some excellent suggestions about the character of Chirantan ... the next one was Anjan da and yet we were at sea on the character of KCPal. Then Sumon (Lal) suggested we talk with Meghnad da and it was a kind of coup d'etat. It is almost miraculous what Meghnad gives to Pal's character ... you will end up wishing that the Sun surrounds the Earth.

“Of course, I could finally finish the movie and prepare it for people to see. Fortunately, most people who have seen have liked the movie ... including Sriram. Raghavan ... although it's not all your cup of tea! We were also very pleasantly surprised when we got the best director in KIFF last year. We intend to follow the festival circuit with more focus next year ... since I believe that other countries can also relate to this story. Now let's see what audience in Kolkata tells a very own story of the city, ”he surely has high hopes for this film, which is also his greatest satisfaction.