Aaviri Movie Review highlights: the mysterious case of the invisible entity

Ravi Babu's next film 'Aaviri' is here, starring director Neha Chauhan and Sri Muktha in leading roles.

Raj ( Ravi Babu ) and his wife (Neha Chauhan) experience heartbreaking pain and move to an old house built in 1928 for a change. His son Munni (Sri Muktha) is a stubborn child who suffers from asthma and has a nut allergy. Her parents raise her and are overprotective after the pain they experienced. Munni begins to experience a supernatural phenomenon in the house and soon disappears. Where did she disappear to the remains to be seen.

The first half of 'Aaviri' runs along predictable lines with some scenes between the petulant child and the chiding parents getting repetitive. The music by Vaidhhy gets a tad too melodramatic at times, overpowering the scene at hand. However with the story finally reaching to its crux right before the interval, it remains to be seen how Ravi Babu will solve this mystery.