Phagun Bou Update, October 31: Anurup forces Mohul to change his decision

In the last episode of Phagun bou , Tultuli says she will convince Tuki to join the job. Nilanjan is upset with Tultuli’s behavior and expresses his disappointment towards her.

Tultuli, who thinks that Nilanjan is unhappy after marrying her, misunderstands her husband once again. She thinks Nilanjan wants Tuki to work in the same company so that he can be close with her.

Nilanjan is happy to see Tultuli in a better mood. But she still has some misconceptions about the relationship between Nilanjan and Tuki. He tries to clear the air but she stays adamant about her thoughts.

In the Ghosh residence, Anurup cash Mohul to change her decision and fall prey to his trap. Mohul loses her calm and says she will try till the end to save Roddur with her earnings.

He cash her to accept his love to which Mohul refuses. She says that she loves Roddur and can’t say yes to Anurup . But the latter tries all sorts of tricks to convince her.

Mohul loses her calm and warns to expose him. Anurup chuckles and starts blackmailing her.