Dasgupta Anumita

Producer: Flying Steps Films

Music: Pt. Tanmoy Bose

Release Date: November 29, 2019

To emit: Soumitra Chatterjee, Aparna Sen Harp Chatterjee Bratya Basu

Synopsis: ‘Bohomaan’ is the story of two lovers crossing each other’s path after ages. The story sees Madhuri (Aparna Sen) meeting Salim Khan ( Soumitra Chatterjee ) after a long gap, still dealing with the agony of that separation. But, the reunion brings in colors of spring in their lives. While Madhuri’s are Subrata (Bratya Basu) can’t digest his mother’s ‘young lady in love’ attitude, his partner Joyeeta (Arpita Chatterjee) feels the other way acknowledging the changes in Madhuri. While Madhuri and Salim go down their memory lanes, Subrata feels irritated with the happenings. Joyeeta meanwhile tries to calm down Subrata; however, it’s ultimately ends up in the acceptance of the son, as his mother wants to settle down with her lover.

Watch the trailer here: