Krishnakoli Update, October 31: Nikhil feels helpless

In the latest episode of Krishnakoli, Sujata cares about Nikhil While Rukmini and Radha leaves no stone unturned so she feels even more helpless. Shyama enters the room along with Nikhil. Seeing them, Sujata breaks down.

Nikhil behaves oddly out of the trauma. Shyama assures that Nikhil is alright but still suffering from the trauma. Shyama tells that Nikhil’s traumatic experience from his childhood has been brought alive by the fire in the factory.

Shyama asks Nikhil to narrate the incident but he can’t recall anything. Rukmini and Radha, who are also present there, get happy seeing Nikhil this way.

Sujata breaks down but Shyama consoles her. Meanwhile, Arun and Ashoke come back. Ashoke asks Nikhil to take rest but he speaks about the incident and blames himself. Shyama takes him to the room.

Nikhil is unable to sleep and wakes up to a nightmare once again as he started feeling afraid in the dark. Shyama feels bad for him. She vows to find out the culprit and punish him. She also realizes the critical situation in the business. They are about to lose everything.

In the dining area, all the family members are sitting together. They are upset due to the recent incident. Ashoke blames Nikhil which makes Sujata feel bad and she reacts.

Ashoke, Arun and Basanta discuss how to approach the business. Aditya He asks them to sell the land.