I never wanted to degrade Anushka Sharma, matter exploded unnecessarily: Farokh Engineer

NEW DELHI: former Indian cricketer Farokh Engineer on Thursday he cleared the air in his statement that all that the BCCI selectors did during the World Cup in England earlier this year look for tea cups for the actress Anushka Sharma , the wife of the captain of India virat Kohli .

The engineer said the comment was made jokingly and that he never intended to degrade Anushka.


I just said it in a jest and it's being made a mountain out of a molehill. Poor Anushka has been dragged into it, she is a lovely girl. Virat Kohli is a brilliant captain and coach Ravi Shastri is extremely good. The entire matter is being blown up unnecessarily. It turned out to be a selector as he was wearing an all India blazer , Engineer told a TV channel.

Controversy erupted after the former India wicketkeeper came down heavily on the senior national selection committee, saying all that the selectors were doing during the World Cup in England earlier this year was getting Anushka Sharma cups of tea, according to a report in the Times Of India


I didn't even know one of the selectors during the World Cup and I asked him who the hell he was, because he was wearing the India blazer and he said he was one of the selectors. All they were doing was getting Anushka Sharma cups of tea, Engineer said.

Anushka had published a long tweet on Thursday, in response to claims made by Engineer.

The latest version of these ill-intentioned lies is that the selectors served me tea in the matches during the World Cup! I came to a game during the World Cup and sat in the family box and not in the selector box as reported, but when the truth has mattered when it comes to convenience, Anushka wrote on Twitter.

He also said that no one should use his name to criticize the selection committee.

If you wish to comment on the selection committee and its qualifications, do so as it is your opinion, but do not drag my name to substantiate your claim or sensationalize your opinion. I refuse to allow anyone to use my name in such conversations, Anushka wrote.

Being the wife of Captain Kohli, Anushka is often seen accompanying him on tours and is also seen in the stadium during games. She has been heavily trolled every time India or Kohli fell to the field.

In Thursday's tweet, Anushka also denied ever bothering the BCCI for tickets and security. My name was used for false stories to make it look like the board was being bothered for my tickets or security etc., when in reality I bought my own tickets for matches and flights and I still kept quiet.

The High Commissioner's wife asked me to appear in a group photo despite my doubts about being in it, and a big problem was created by blaming me for wanting to be part of it and of the event intentionally, although I was invited for it. The board issued an official clarification on it and I was still silent, Anushka wrote.