Bigg Boss Kannada Update 7, Day 18: Priyanka crowned as Queen

In the last episode of season 7 of Bigg Boss Kannada, the contestants wake up with an energetic song and greet each other. Kishen, along with some of the other inmates, exercises and has fun. When Chaithra Kotoor joins the housemates a little later, Vasuki punishes her.

Simultaneously, he also notes that Raju does not use his microphone and also punishes him. The housemates are very upset with Vasuki's decision since they feel he is being very dominant.

After a while, Bigg Boss sends a letter to the contestants. Chandhana reads it aloud and reports that Jai Jagadesh and Shine have been very ignorant about their microphone. Chaithra Kotoor takes advantage of the situation and demands the emperor (Vasuki Vaibhav) to punish Shine for being ignorant.

Vasuki punishes Jai Jagadesh and asks him to seek an apology for ignoring his microphone. He also orders Harish to control Shine to know the exact reason behind his ignorant behavior, which makes the other prisoners feel that Vasuki is being biased.

However, Jai Jagadesh is disappointed with Vasuki's decisions and conveys the same to others. He also decides to interrogate him during the meeting.

Later at noon, Vasuki sits on his throne and asks the housemates if they had anything to share. Jai Jagadesh and Raju Talakoti talk about the punishment and convey their disapproval. Vasuki assures them to investigate.

After a while, Vasuki visits the confession room and hands the crown to Bigg Boss. Enter the living room as a normal contestant.

To crown the next Adhipathi of the house, Bigg Boss starts a task that has the housemates pushing and pushing each other out of a dedicated arena. Priyanka is victorious in the task and is crowned the Queen of Darbar. In choosing his ministers, Priyanka favors girls who are not doing well with Harish Raj and Shine Shetty, who question their motives.

While Priyanka continues to rule the house of Bigg Boss, some inmates feel that Rashmi is interfering with the decisions made by her (Priyanka). They transmit the same to Priyanka.

Priyanka decides to handle the situation with tact and discusses it with Deepika, Bhoomi and Rashmi. Unfortunately, Rashmi takes it very personally and suffers an emotional breakdown.

However, Priyanka strives to control things.