Noon eggs can make children cannibals: leader of MP BJP

BHOPAL: In a strange reaction to the decision to introduce eggs into the noon meal program, the BJP's main leader has said that if children receive non-vegetarian food, they can become cannibals.

What else can you expect from a malnourished government? They will serve eggs to the children. Those who do not eat eggs will be forced to do so. If they are still malnourished, give them chicken and goat meat. But in Indian culture, in Sanatan culture, it is forbidden to eat non-vegetarian foods. If we teach children (to eat non-vegetables) from childhood, they will eat meat and can grow to become 'narbhakshi' (cannibal), said Bhargava, the Opposition Leader. the Kamal Nath The government cannot force people to change their eating habits and no one should be forced to eat eggs, Bhargava said. Food is not something that can push anyone, he said.

Bhargava's reaction came after the state minister for the development of women and children, Imarti Devi, announced on Wednesday that the government led by Congress decided to introduce eggs into half-day meals from November to combat the malnutrition. Our goal is to eliminate malnutrition, said the minister.

Madhya Pradesh has been bad for years on the malnutrition table.

The BJP opposed the government's decision and said there are alternatives to eggs.

The government's priority is children's health: Congress

All children do not eat eggs. The decision of the previous BJP government (to remove eggs from the noon meal menu) was based on public comments, former Prime Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said Thursday.

Congress condemned Bhargava's statement and said that BJP has no other political issue to raise before the public. To say that meat will turn children into cannibals shows the mentality of Gopal Bhargava. BJP governments in Uttarakhand, Jharkhand, Assam and Karnataka distribute eggs. Have you turned children into cannibals? BJP should immediately remove him from the LOP position and have him treated, ”said Shobha Oza, head of the PCC media committee.

“Under the 15-year rule of BJP, malnutrition was a major problem among children under five, but BJP leaders did not address the problem. Minister Imarti Devi has clarified that the government's priority is the health of children, said state congressional spokeswoman Narendra Saluja.

A similar government-led measure by Congress in neighboring Chhattisgarh in July this year ran into protests from the Kabir Panthi and BJP community. The Bhupesh Baghel government explained that the eggs will be given only to those who love them, and the rest will receive bananas, without ice. Protesters wanted eggs from the menu altogether. The government decided to deliver eggs to the homes of children who wanted it.