Hyderabad: blackmailed by a friend, a teenager plotted his mother's murder

HYDERABAD: A week after telling a story that his mother disappeared and even filing a complaint, Rachakonda police formally arrested a 19-year-old student and her friend K Shashi Kumar for allegedly killing her mother at her residence in Hayatnagar on October 19. .

Police said Shashi, who knew about Keerthi's physical relationship with her friend Bal Reddy, blackmailed her and tried to extort Rs 10 lakh. Keerthi succumbed to the pressure and accepted the murder plan so that, as a lonely child, she inherited family property and shared it with Shashi. The police also arrested Bal Reddy for allegedly exploiting Keerthi sexually, when he was a minor and to terminate his pregnancy with Shashi's help.

When the father of his truck driver, Srinivas Reddy, was out of town at work, Keerthi, a grade student, let Shashi enter the house at night when his mother was lying in the hallway and looking at his phone. “He sprinkled chili powder on his mother's eyes and turned on all the lights to make it difficult for him to open his eyes. Keerthi then sat on his mother and hugged her tightly, while Shashi strangled her with a towel, ”Rachakonda commissioner Mahesh Bhagwat said Thursday.

The duo then dragged the body into a room and stayed in the house for three days until the bad smell began to emanate from it. On October 22 at night, the duo wrapped the body in a sheet and threw it on the train tracks in Rammannapet in Shashi's Ertiga car. They burned the sheet and the rope near Nagaram.

Later, Keerthi called Bal Reddy's father from Rajitha's phone and spoke to him posing as his mother. Posing as Rajitha, he told Bal Reddy's father that he would go to Nalgonda for a medical check-up and asked him to let Keerthi stay at his house for a few days, Bhagwat said.

On October 23, Keerthi went to Bal Reddy's house and remained there until October 25. Meanwhile, Keerthi told his father and relatives that she had gone to Vizag. He also told some relatives that his mother left home after Srinivas Reddy fought her in a drunken state. Srinivas Reddy returned home and found the door closed. He told Keerthi to come back immediately. On October 26, Keerthi filed a police report, saying his mother had disappeared and his father used to harass her in a drunken state.

Meanwhile, Bal Reddy's father informed Srinivas Reddy that Keerthi was at home for a few days. When she was interrogated by her father and the police, Keerthi confessed to killing Rajitha with Shashi's help.

Police reserved a murder case against Shashi and Keerthi, two separate cases under Sections 376 (2) (n) (violation), 312 (causing miscarriage) of the IPC against Bal Reddy and Sections 376 (2) (n) , 385 (extortion) of the IPC against Shashi, but both were also reserved under the POCSO Act as well.