YouTuber, grandfather chef, who fed the needy, dies in Telangana

HYDERABAD: Youtube sensation and grandpa chef Narayana Reddy of ‘Grandpa Kitchen’ passed away on October 27 in. The news of his death however, came to light only on Thursday when his Youtube channel shared a five-minute tribute video on the grandpa’s heart-wrenching ‘final journey’. When not cooking, Reddy used to work in agricultural fields to eke out a living.

The 73-year-old chef, with 6.11 million subscribers, was popular for cooking large meals and then distributing it to orphans and other children in his town. Known for cooking outdoors on a fire stove, the chef had followers not only from India but from all over the world. Even on Facebook, Grandpa's kitchen had more than 5.30 lakh followers.

“We are Youtube channel called Grandpa Kitchen, we entertain, educate people by cooking food and we donate to charity (sic),” read the description on the Grandpa Kitchen’s Facebook page.

Active since August 2017, he was known for preparing lollipop dishes such as biryani, hamburgers, pizzas, cakes and milkshakes in large quantities. His french fries recipe, shared two years ago, was among the 220 most popular videos and was watched by the staggering 37 million people, over time! This was followed by 100 Maggi noodles that obtained 27 million views. Among his other videos that went viral were Biryani chicken, traditional Biryani lamb, donuts, red velvet cake, chicken noodles, potato wafers, scrambled eggs, to name a few.

Help people until you live, said the 73-year-old man in the final video of the trip published by the administrators of the channel. According to them, the grandfather was ill during the last week. His last appearance was during a live video uploaded last week where he could be seen visibly wrong.

The news of the death of the grandfather chef left many of his followers with teary eyes. Within 24 hours after its publication, the video of its final travel video attracted more than 89,110 views.

“I always watched his videos for charity. He is an affectionate and affectionate person. A great-grandfather of children and everyone has made countless sacrifices by providing villagers with happiness and needs. I loved the way he smiled and made others smile. I am really devastated, ”said Mahabaratbu Palku, a follower.