Mumbai woman sends nude photos of her sister to lover

MUMBAI: A 25-year-old woman, who had allegedly seen her sister while she was bathing and sent them to her lover, who sent them to her relatives, was arrested Thursday. Your lover has hidden.

According to Agripada police, the accused woman was having an affair with a married man and her mother was opposed to the relationship. Police said that during the Navratri festivities, the author had accidentally hit the defendant's sister with her dandiya stick. His wife had an argument with her and the defendant joined her. The author hit the man in public and decided to avenge his humiliation.

He told his girlfriend that if she wanted to marry him, she should get her sister's, a police officer said. The 25-year-old sent photographs of her sister in the bathroom to her lover, who then sent them to the applicant's relatives, including her father-in-law. When the applicant discovered that her sister had taken the photos, she approached the police. The sister was hired by the IPC to outrage the modesty of women and by the IT Law.