As of today, women can travel on DTC and group buses for free in Delhi

NEW DELHI: Women in Delhi can travel for free in DTC and group scheme buses since Tuesday, when Bhai Dooj is observed. A total of 13,000 marshals, including 6,000 civil defense personnel, home guards and former service men, will be deployed to ensure the safety of women.

In a session organized at Thyagraj Stadium, bus marshals were also trained to help the sick and respond to emergency situations during the trip. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal He asked them to guarantee the safety of women to feel the comfort of a home on government buses.


Following the approval of the transport minister, a notification to enable the women to enjoy free rides from Tuesday was issued around 10pm on Monday. Until then, a minor bureaucratic reshuffle, in which transport commissioner Rajeev Verma was replaced, had left officials in DTC speculating for a few hours about whether the free ride would be rolled out on Tuesday.

The absence of notification had also held up the distribution of passes among DTC depots. The notification issued around 10pm, however, cleared all doubts.

“The two crore of Delhi are my family, and I am like an eldest son of this family. I must take care of each member of my family. It is my duty to ensure that each person receives free electricity up to 200 units for 24 hours, send my elders to teerth yatras and provide them with all the facilities for a comfortable life. However, it has been a matter of concern to me that the women in my family do not feel safe in the city, ”Kejriwal said in the training session.

Delhi will be the only city in the world to have such a huge number of bus agents deployed in a single day.

The chief minister in June had announced free rides for women in DTC, cluster scheme buses and Delhi Metro. The free ride scheme for the Metro may take a longer time because of the technicalities involved. The scheme to deploy bus marshals was also rolled out in June. A budget of Rs 290 crore was later sanctioned for the free ride scheme for women, which included Rs 90 crore for DTC buses , 50 million rupees for cluster buses and 150 million rupees for Metro trains.

The government may consider offering free trips to seniors and students in the future, the CM added.

As many as 1.5 crore pink passes have been printed. These passes will be given to women when they board the buses. The passes will have a message on women empowerment as well. DTC officials say that around 10 lakh passes are likely to be issued daily.

The corporation plans to run as many buses as possible on Bhai Dooj Day, because the free travel offer is expected to generate a great response. It is likely that 5,550 additional buses will travel on Tuesday.