FOUR times when Aishwarya Rai Bachchan responded to his enemies in an appropriate manner

Internet users have become too critical in these times, that's why Bollywood celebrities often fall prey to online trolls. Every action of the star is noticed and then closed on social networks. Ignoring is not becoming happiness these days and, therefore, it has become important to give it back to those who hate.

The actors have always been on the receiving side of the trolls and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is not a newcomer. As the actor turns 46 today, here is a look at the cases in which the beauty queen refused to surrender to the Internet trolls

Reacting to his kiss episode with Aaradhya

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Aishwarya has been trolled for absurd reasons in the past, one of the reasons is for kissing her daughter Aaradhya. Last year, Ash had shared a photo, kissing her daughter's lips and faced many nasty comments. Those who hate will hate, but Ash doesn't care. When talking about the kissing episode on an entertainment website, the actress said: “People will have an opinion but that will not change what I am doing, how I am taking care of my daughter in a public space. Fortunately I get to the story when it gets a little old. But when I read it after a few days, everyone had moved on, so I never let that define me. Judge him. She is my daughter, I love her. I'll be protective or love or hug her. She is my daughter and my life.

In body shame after pregnancy

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After giving birth to Aaradhya, the actress gained weight after pregnancy, which all mothers generally do. But this did not go well with the trollers and, therefore, received many criticisms. During an interview with DNA, Ash spoke extensively about body shame and being trolled online: “When I became a mother, it was the most beautiful feeling in the world. There were several hormonal changes inside, but nothing changed. There was never a point of doubt. I am very happy in my own life with Aaradhya and positivity, as well as the clarity that I have in my head about me. At the end of the day, these are the choices I am making. No one else is dictating or telling me how to be and what to do. It is important not to let anyone's opinion define you. You don't have to be angry or bitter and do things with an attitude of taking that face. First you need to find the comfort of doing it within yourself and then it can be a positive response to negative comments. Ash reacts to Abhishek being trolled


Abhishek Bachchan He has been quite active in social networks for quite some time. There have been many cases in which people have trolled the actor while talking about his son, wife or career. In 2018, Abhishek was attacked by an enemy who commented on his vacation in London despite not working for three years. During that period, in an interview with Spotboye, when Aishwarya was asked what she thought about Abhishek being trolled, she said: Abhishek does what he has to do or what he wants to do ... to each his own. There have been cases where he has been silent for years and has chosen to remain silent and then occasionally decides to participate and then does so. It is not known whether it will or not, it is a matter of that. hour.

Hitting critics for their purple lipstick look

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In 2016 at Cannes film festival , Aishwarya wore an impressive dress adorned with delicate appliques and purple lipstick. Her dress made a great statement, but that purple lipstick went wrong for the diva and had to face the wrath of social networks. Later, while talking to the media at an event, the diva said that she represents a beauty band there and that it is her prerogative and that she is great about it. It is my professional commitment to deliver what they expect from me as their basic ambassador. I get to work with great professionals and they have been magically creative with me, Ash joked. In another interview with a fashion magazine, he mentioned: When we made purple lips, we were having fun, not trying to establish a trend. But look at fashion trends and beauty trends today: it's all about color! associated with the classical and traditional elections, so it became a great topic of conversation at that time. But, for me, this is not my first and last time, I like to try different things.