Goats help save the California library from forest fires

SIMI VALLEY: A herd of 500 goats helped save California on a Wednesday, after voracious animals earlier this year ate flammable scrubs surrounding the complex.

The hired goats chewed through weeds to create a fire that stopped the fire and allowed firefighters to put out the flames on Wednesday before arriving at the exhibits as one and a part of it, a library spokeswoman said. Firefighters told us they believed the fire made their job easier, Melissa Giller said. The brush ... did not reach the library, because the goats ate it all.

Driven by hurricane winds, the so-called Easy Fire surrounded the hill library on Wednesday morning, reaching less than 50 feet from a hangar that housed the Boeing 707 aircraft used by the former Republican president. The site houses documents and memories of the Reagan administrations of 1981-1989, and the leader of the Cold War is buried there with his wife Nancy.

Given the high risk of forest fires in the area, they hired the goats of the local company 805 Goats in May to clean around 13 acres of scrubland. Mainly boer goats like to eat weeds and other invasive species that feed forest fires, said the owner of the firm Scott Morris, 43.

Morris charges around $ 1,000 per clear acre. At 6 pm. (local time), the fire had burned more than 1,650 acres, forced 30,000 people to evacuate homes and destroyed some structures, according to fire authorities.