The Modi government has been caught sniffing around, says Congress

NEW DELHI: Reports of a WhatsApp violation that attacked several Indian activists and journalists saw Congress claiming that the government had been caught sniffing around and the party urged the Supreme Court to hold the Center accountable for the incidents.

The government that seeks WhatsApp's answer about who bought (Israeli spyware) to spy on Indian citizens is like Modi asking Dassault who made money from the sale of Rafale planes to India, congressional leader Rahul Gandhi tweeted, who He is currently out of India on a meditative visit.

The congressional spokesman said: The Modi government was caught sniffing around. Atrocious but not surprising. After all, the BJP government fought against our right to privacy and established a multi-crore surveillance structure until the SC stopped it. The SC must take immediate knowledge and issue notice to the BJP government.

The minister responded and said that Congress should remember the circumstances under which the office of former President Pranab Mukherjee was allegedly upset when he was minister in the Manmohan Singh government.

Leftist leaders also criticized the BJP government, and D Raja of the CPI said the Center must explain how the violation occurred.

Surjewala also posted questions on Twitter for Prasad on the subject. Which GOI agency has purchased and implemented Pegasus surveillance software? Who, PMO or NSA, authorized the purchase? What measures do you plan to take against the culprit? she asked.

By labeling a media report that claimed that 1.3 million Indian payment card data were for sale on the dark network, Surjewala claimed that data theft and data fraud had become the norm since the government of Modi came to power. Is that why Modiji calls the data the new oil (for the BJP machine?). 1.3 million details of Indian payment cards are for sale on the dark web, making cardholders vulnerable to another synchronized fraud, he said.