Center says he's worried, asks WhatsApp to explain

NEW DELHI: The government said Thursday it was concerned about reports of violation of the privacy of Indian citizens and asked to explain exactly what happened and the steps it was taking to ensure the confidentiality of Indian users on the messaging platform.

The government of India is concerned about the violation of the privacy of the citizens of India on the WhatsApp messaging platform. We have asked WhatsApp to explain the type of violation and what it is doing to safeguard the privacy of millions of Indian citizens, the minister said and technology.

Meanwhile, in response to opposition allegations that the Center was behind the violation of WhatsApp, Interior Ministry officials said the claims were attempts to discredit the government.

Some statements have appeared based on reports in the media, regarding the violation of the privacy of Indian citizens on WhatsApp. These attempts to defame the government of India for the reported violation are completely misleading, an official said.

By stating that the government was committed to protecting the fundamental rights of citizens, including the right to privacy, Interior Ministry officials said strict measures would be taken against any intermediary responsible for spying on activists and journalists in India. Like the information technology minister, an Interior Ministry official said there were rules and rules governing interception.

It is clarified that the government of India operates strictly in accordance with the provisions of the law and established protocols. There are adequate safeguards to ensure that no innocent citizens are harassed or their privacy is violated, the official said.

The Ministry of Technology sought a detailed WhatsApp response and asked the messaging platform to submit its response before November 4. Prasad, on an earlier occasion, had noticed the consequences of the reports that the platform was being used to manipulate.