Shattered Wall: PM dedicates 370 abrogations to Patel

KEVADIYA (NARMADA DISTRICT): PM Narendra Modi On Thursday he dedicated the abrogation of Sardar, who is credited with the merger of more than 500 in it.

I dedicate the decision of August 5 (repealing Article 370) to Sardar Sahab. That wall (J&K's special status under Article 370) was promoting separatism and terrorism ... I humbly tell Sardar Patel that the wall has been demolished. Peace and development will now prevail in Jammu and Kashmir, Modi said at the celebrations of the 144th anniversary of the birth of Sardar Patel in Kevadiya in the Narmada district of Gujarat, where the tallest statue in the world, the Statue of Unity, was built. October 31 is observed as Rashtriya Ekta Divas.

Commenting on the fork of J&K in the territories of the Union, which came into effect from Thursday, the prime minister said: The new system in J&K and Ladakh is not intended to draw a line on the ground (to draw a limit ) but to build a strong bond of trust ... The fork will bring political stability to J cooperative federalism will take root and new development projects such as roads, railways and schools will take off.

He added that more than 40,000 people had lost their lives in three decades of terrorism in J&K and Sardar Patel had inspired him to make the decision on Article 370.

Modi said that from Thursday, all government employees at J&K and Ladakh will be eligible for the 7th benefit.

Sardar Patel integrated more than 500 princely states in India, but he was not directly entrusted with the task of annexing the princely state of J&K. If the J&K problem had been entrusted to Sardar Patel, the problem would not have lasted so long, he said.

Not to mention Pakistan, Modi said that the unity of India is the biggest threat to the country's adversaries. Those who cannot win a war against us are trying to break the unity of our country. But no one has succeeded, and will never succeed, he said.

'Strive to improve the ease of life': Prime Minister Modi urged the IEE officers on probation to strive to increase the ease of life of citizens in an era in which the participation of people in government and Government expectations have increased.

We have to make honest efforts to increase people's ease of life, he told the IAS conditional on the Unity Statue.