Deputy BJP Jha will lead the RS ethics committee

NEW DELHI: The Ethics Committee of Rajya Sabha will be headed by Deputy BJP Prabhat Jha with the President of the Upper Chamber M Venkaiah Naidu reconstituting eight panels of the Chamber on Thursday. Jha replaces his party colleague Narayan Lal Panchariya.

The Ethics Committee examines complaints related to conduct against RS members. Prasanna Acharya of BJD was appointed president of the Petitions Committee, replacing Jha. The member of Congress T Subbarami Reddy was appointed chairman of the Subordinate Legislation Committee, A Navaneetha Krishnan of AIADMK will be the chairman of the Government Guarantees Committee and the member of BJP Om Prakash Mathur was appointed chairman of the House committee that assigns accommodation to members.

According to the rules of the Chamber, the president heads the Business Advisory Committee (BAC) and the Rules Committee. By convention, the vice president heads the Privileges Committee. The new members of the BAC are B K Hariprasad of Congress, Narayan Lal Panchariya and Vinay Sahasrabuddhe of BJP and K Keshava Rao of TRS. The leader of the Chamber and the leader of the opposition are special guests to the committee.