After Upasana's viral tweet, Prime Minister Modi invites Chiranjeevi and Ram Charan to Delhi

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Ram Charan it's in the cloud 9. And no, this time it isn't because of moolah that his movie Sye Raa has accumulated. Rangasthalam actor and his father, Megastar Chiranjeevi They have been invited by Prime Minister Modi for a personal meeting. Confirming the news, Charan tells the Hyderabad Times: “Yes, my dad and I are ready to meet with the Prime Minister; It will happen soon, once all the fuss around the recently concluded elections is calmed down. We are looking forward to this meeting.

Interestingly, the invitation of the PMO came shortly after a publication (see box) of Charan's wife and health honor, Upasana Kamineni Konidela, went viral on social media. He had written to the prime minister expressing his disappointment for the South indian the film fraternity was left out of its Change within the meeting with recently celebrated movie stars. The star-filled event that was held to discuss ways in which the film industry can help popularize Mahatma Gandhi's ideology and tell stories about India's trip, only had producer Dil Raju representing Tollywood, which led to Upasana to tell the prime minister that the Southern Film Industry was completely neglected. .


Ram Charan confesses that he wasn’t even aware of his wife’s post until it started trending. “I had no idea Upasana was going to post something like this. When I asked her about it later, she was like, ‘I knew you wouldn’t let me post it if I told you beforehand’, ”he shares, smiling. But he assures that her post comes out of love for the PM. “Her response just shows the love and respect we have for our PM. It is our admiration for him that makes us feel a little envious about not being called for a meeting that had many prominent members of the film fraternity from Bollywood He says, and adds: I think it is an oversight that occurred from the side of the organizer, not from Modiji. We are glad to meet you.