BJP: Who pays Rahul travel abroad bills?

NEW DELHI: Citing mandatory rules for lawmakers to inform authorities in advance about their trips abroad, the BJP questioned the leader on Thursday Rahul Gandhi Frequent trips abroad and wondered who would pay their bills, including air tickets, five-star hotel stays and other similar expenses.

Rahul has visited abroad 16 times since 2014, of which there are nine occasions of which there are no details. He has visited abroad more times than his constituency. That's why people rejected it, said BJP spokesman GVL Narsimha. Rao said at a press conference.

Rao said he had not received any information from Gandhi about his visits abroad. In stating that Gandhi's frequent visits abroad were a matter of public interest, since he was a public representative, Rao said: This is also one of the reasons why the people of Amethi rejected him (Gandhi). Of the 16 visits (abroad), nine at times, the destination was unknown. Why was it not revealed? Was he involved in any secret operation? , Asked the leader of BJP.

Gandhi lost the parliamentary polls held in April-May of Amethi, a bastion of Congress.

Rao cited a letter written by the Minister of Parliamentary Affairs on July 3 to inform members about the rules for them.

The minister had informed the members that they should, in advance, inform Parliament of their visits abroad, even if they were exclusively for private purposes, he said.