The United States imposes new sanctions on Iran while renouncing others

(Add details, paragraphs 1-5) WASHINGTON, Oct. 31 (Reuters) - The United States said Thursday it had imposed sanctions on the Iranian construction sector and the trade of four materials used in its military or nuclear programs, even when it gave up sanctions to allow foreign companies to continue Nonproliferation work. in Iran. The decisions announced by the US Department of State. UU. They reflect an effort to increase economic pressure on Iran by putting wider swaths of its economy under sanctions, while leaving an open door to diplomacy by allowing work to continue at Iranian nuclear facilities that make it more difficult for Iran to Develop a nuclear weapon. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had determined that Iran's construction sector was directly or indirectly controlled by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), which the United States has described as a foreign terrorist organization. In a second determination, he identified four strategic materials as used in connection with nuclear, military or ballistic missile programs, making their trade subject to sanctions. With these determinations, the United States will have additional authorities to prevent Iran from acquiring strategic materials for the IRGC, its construction sector and its proliferation programs, State Department spokeswoman Morgan Ortagus said in a statement. A separate fact sheet published by the agency identified the four materials as: 304L stainless steel tubes; MN40 manganese welding sheet; MN70 manganese welding sheet; and CrNi60WTi ESR + VAR stainless steel (chrome, nickel, 60 percent tungsten, titanium, electrostatic casting, vacuum arc casting). (Report by Eric Beech; Edition of Mohammad Zargham and Rosalba O'Brien) This story has not been edited by The Times of India and is automatically generated from a syndicated feed to which we subscribe. (This story has not been edited by and is automatically generated from a syndicated feed to which we subscribe.)