Kim oversees rocket practice, tells troops to be alert

SEOUL: North Korean State Media On Sunday Leader Kim Jong Un Watched Live Fire Exercises From Long-Range Multiple Rocket Launchers And What Looked Like A New Short-Range Ballistic Rocket, A Day After South Korea Worried The Launches Brought A Violation Korean Agreement To Cease All Hostile Deeds.

Pyongyang ' S Official Korean Central News Agency Said Kim Expressed" Great Satisfaction" ; On Saturday ' Exercises And Emphasized That His Front Line Forces Should Maintain A" High Alert Attitude" And Improve Combat Ability To" Defend The Political Sovereignty And Economic Self-sufficiency Of The Country." The Launches Of Weapons Were Probably A Sign Of Pyongyang ' S Growing Frustration At Jammed Diplomatic Conversations With Washington, Intended To Capture Coveted Sanctions In Exchange.

They Also Emphasized The Vulnerability Of Detentions Between The Korea, Which Promised In A Military Agreement Last September To Completely Cease All" Hostile Acts" . Against Each Other In Land, Sky And Sea.

South Korea Said It ' S Very Concerned About North Korea ' S Arms Launches, Calling Them A Violation Of The Agreements To Reduce Animosities Between Countries. The Declaration, Issued Following An Emergency Meeting Of Senior Officials At The Presidential Blue House In Seoul On Saturday, Also Urged To Stop Committing Acts That Would Invoke Military Tensions And Join Attempts To Resume Nuclear Diplomacy.

South Korea ' S Joint Chiefs Of Staff Said In First Instance On Saturday That The North Launched A Single Rocket From The Location Near The Coastal Town Of Wonsan But Later Said In A Statement That" Multiple Projectiles" ; Was Fired.

In The Updated Sunday Review, The JCS Did Not Confirm Whether The North Fired A Ballistic Missile, But Said A" New Tactical-led Weapon" . Was One Of The Weapons Tested By The North, Which Also Included 240 Millimeters And 300 Millimeters Caliber Multiple Rocket Launchers. The JCS Said That The Different Projectiles Flew From 70 To 240 Kilometers (44 To 149 Miles) Before Splashing Into The Sea.

The Official Official Rodong Sinmun Newspaper Published Photos Of Kim, Equipped With Binoculars, Sightings Of Various Weapon Systems, Including Multiple Rocket Launchers And What Seemed To Be A Short-range Missile, Fired By A Launch Vehicle, And Also An Explosion Of What A Target Looked Like On Island Rocks. Praising The People ' S Army Because Of His Excellent Operation Of Modern Large-Scale Long-Range Multiple Rocket Launchers And Tactically Guided Weapons, He Said All Service Employees Are Masters Of Art And Able To Duty To Perform Any Situation, The KNCA Paraphrased Kim As Saying.

He Emphasized The Need For All Service Members To Maintain A High Alert Attitude And Use The Drive More Dynamically To Increase Combat Ability To Defend Political Sovereignty And Economic Self-sufficiency Of The Country And ... Human Security Of The Threats And Invasion By Any Forces, The Report Added.

The North Korean Missile Appeared To Be Modeled After Russia's 9K720 Iskander Mobile Short-range Ballistic Missile System, Said Kim Dong-yub, An Analyst From Seoul's Institute For Far Eastern Studies. The Solid-fuel North Korean Missile Was First Revealed In A Military Parade In Pyongyang In February Last Year And Is Likely The Unspecified Tactical Weapon The North Said Tested Last Month, He Said.

The New Rocket Could Possibly Be Able To Deliver Warheads And Striking Targets Up To 500 Kilometers (310 Miles), Keeping The Entire Korean Peninsula Within Reach, Kim Said, Who Based His Analysis On The Capabilities Of The Iskander And North Korea ' S Current Levels In Rocket Technology.

The Rocket Is Probably Also Designed To Be Maneuvered During Flight And Delivery To The Warhead, Making It Less Likely To Be Intercepted By Missile Defense Systems, He Said.

The North Tried Clearly To Demonstrate Its Capabilities To Hit A Target On The Korean Peninsula, Including US Troops Stationed In South Korea In Areas Such As Seoul, Pyeongtaek, Daegu And Busan, Kim Said, A Former South Korean Military Officer.

The Distance Between Wonsan, Where The Launch Was Held, And The South Korean Capital Of Seoul Is Around 200 Kilometers (124 Miles).

The North In The Report Of Sunday ' Did Not Give Any Immediate Threat Or Warning To The South Or The United States. Experts Say The North Can Raise These Types Of Low-level Provocations To Exert Pressure On The United States To Agree To Reducing Crushing International Sanctions.

The Launches Are Amidst A Diplomatic Analysis That Has Followed A Failed Summit Between President Earlier This Year Donald Trump And Kim Jong Un About The North ' S Pursuit Of Nuclear Bombs That Can Accurately Target The American Mainland. The North Probably Has Viable Shorter-range Nuclear-powered Missiles, But It Still Needs More Tests To Perfect Its Longer-range Weapons, External Analysts Said.