Did you know that Konttho's story was conceived 18 years ago?

Nandia Roy And Shiboprosad Mukherjee 's Friday Release' Konttho 'Has Made The Headlines For The Right Reasons And It Looks Like The Film Stands Out. The Story Of 'Konttho' Turns To An Inspiring, Real-life Story Of One Laryngeal Cancer Survivor. In The Movie, Shiboprosad Mukherjee He Himself Plays The Character Of An RJ Arjun Mullick Paoli Dam Plays His Wife Pritha And Jaya Ahsan Has The Role Of Speech Therapist.

While 'Konttho' Makes The Headlines, Not Many People Know That The Story Of The Film Was Conceived 18 Years Ago. While He Was Talking About The Film, Shiboprosad Took A Look At What Inspired Them To Make 'Konttho'.

" We Were Working On 'Aloy Phera' Show With A TV Channel. Bibhuti Chakraborty Who Had Laryngectomy One Day Came To Our Show. He Had Lost His Voice And Had To Speak In Esophageal Voice. See, It's A Fact, These Days Oral Cancer Is The Most Common Type Of Cancer We See In The Third World Countries As We Had This Habit Of Consuming Tobacco In Almost Every Form. Generally We Think When There's A Tumor In Our Mouth Or Oral Cancer, In The Future We Won't Be Able To Speak. Sadly, Some Patients Stop Talking Due To Depression. This Is Where A Speech Therapist Plays A Vital Role. Bibhuti Chakraborty Had Created A Club And Even Wrote A Book On This Titled" Kotha Bolar Sahoj Upay." I Must Admit He Was Our Inspiration Behind" Konttho" . Later, Nanditadi Developed The Story And Made It Suitable For Cinematic Adaptation, ”explained The Acclaimed Director.