20 from 3 districts for illegal lion shows

RAJKOT: In A Monumental Order Focused On The Protection Of Asiatic Lions, The District Magistrate Of Amreli Has 20 People Excluded Who Are Accustomed To Natural Crimes Such As Poaching And Illegal Lion.

All 20 Residents Are Residents Of The Small Village Of Shemardi, 25 Km From Dhari, The Epicenter Of Illegal Lion Shows. The People Are Forbidden To Enter The Amreli District And Some Talukas Of Junagadh And Gir-Somnath That Border To The Shrine Until February 28, 2020

Their Appearance Is Important Because Shemardi Is Barely Five Kilometers From Dalkhaniya, Where Last Year, 23 Lions Died From The Dog's Disease Virus. The Reasons For Dog Disease," Said An Officer.

Moreover, There Is A Huge Influx Of Tourists In The Summer Holidays When This Gang Becomes More Active.

According To Sources Of Forest Departments, Nearly 100 Lions Have Made Amreli District Their Home, And Most Are Seeable In Revenue (Unprotected) Areas. This Made It Easier For The Gang To Hold Shows. The Gang Has Charged Everything Between Rs 7,000 And Rs 10,000 Per Lion Show.

The Shameful Activities Of This Gang Are Not Just Limited To Violations Of Wildlife. Some Of Them Are Even Accused Of Attacking Police Officers In Amreli. On February 16, Five Of These Bendes Had Issued A Brutal Attack On A Team Of Dhari Police Officers Who Had Arrested Them In An Illegal Gun Case. A Police Inspector, Mahendra Vala, Had Been Seriously Injured In The Stomach While Other Agents Were Also Lashed.

A Few Months Ago, Lion Nails And Other Body Parts Were Recovered With Seven Land-made Weapons. They Also Sold Animal Skins.

" Suspect Accused Persons Will End Protecting Wildlife"

Semardi Has A Population Of Only 75-80 People. According To Police Sources, This Gang Has Been Active In Nature Crime Since 1996.

Interestingly, The Police Invokes Paragraph 55 Of The Act, Which Is Rarely Used And Authorizes The Police To Expel A Notorious Gang From Certain Areas.

District Magistrate Aayush Oak Ordered Outsourcing After Considering FIRs Against Gang Members And Declarations From Local Population Confirming Their Involvement In Criminal Activities

" Eliminating These People Goes A Long Way In Protecting Wildlife. Shemardi Is Notorious For Nature-Related Crimes. After Attacking Police Officers We Have Prepared A Detailed Report With The Forest Department Against This Gang To Strongly Advocate Their Look" Said Nirlipt Rai, Chief Inspector Of Police, Amreli.

Along With The Whole Of Amreli District, These People Are Banned From Entering Enter Talukas From Junagadh And Gir-Somnath Such As Gir, Gir-Gadhda, Veraval, Kodinar, Talala, Visavadar, Mendarda, Malia-Hatina, Sutrapada And Some Others Border Gir Shrine.

That's The Shock Of This Gang That Witnesses Were Afraid To Have Their Statements Recorded Names Of All Witnesses Were Therefore Held A Secret. Police Sources Said The Gang Was Involved In Looting And Intimidating People With Man-made Weapons.