Elli AvrRam collapses due to exhaustion

Elli AvrRam He was seen in a wheelchair at Mumbai airport recently, leaving people worried about his health. The actress was returning from Delhi.

When we communicated with Elli, she told us: “I was fine all day. I had just finished my first dance act at a corporate event in Delhi, when I began to feel dizzy. Initially, I thought maybe I was dehydrated or that my blood pressure had dropped. So, I took salt and sugar with water, but it didn't help. Then I ran out of breath and collapsed. I woke up in the hospital. All I could think about was how I quickly recovered so that I could perform the second act of my performance again. I love my job, but I guess sometimes we ignore what our body is trying to tell us. ”

The doctor told Elli that exhaustion was the cause of his situation. Now back in Mumbai, the actress is resting for a few days. She concluded: I have been told that there is nothing to worry about. Now I'm so much better.