The government plans pillars for Loktantra Senanis at the district headquarters

(This story originally appeared in on October 18, 2019) NEW DELHI: The BJP government in the Center plans to build a monument at each district headquarters to honor loktantra senanis, the people who were imprisoned during the 1975-77 period.

Vijay stambh or pillar of victory would be built at each district headquarters throughout India to honor such senanis. The states, which maintain a list of those incarcerated during the Emergency, have been asked to provide the district's list to the Center. According to sources, Vijay Stambh is likely to have the specific names of the district engraved on the pillar to honor those who fought against the Emergency.

The measure comes in the wake of state governments ruled by Congress and Chhattisgarh that stop the pension and fee plans of decades initiated by the BJP governments. Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh Kamal Nath He had stopped the pension plan in January, two months after taking office in the state. Nath was a close friend of recent years, accused of excesses during the emergency years. After this, Chhattisgarh's prime minister, Bhupesh Baghel, had also suspended this pension.

Until now, successive governments in the Center have stayed away from any formal movement to honor loktantra senanis. However, the BJP government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi has used the Emergency to mitigate Congress's attack on the Center to curb personal freedoms.

The Central Department of Public Works (CPWD), the main government construction agency, was responsible for the construction of vijay stambh. According to sources, the directives come from the Office of the Prime Minister (PMO) and surveys have been initiated on the location of these monuments. CPWD has been asked to formulate a common design for vijay stambh and then supervise or undertake construction.

In his first speech before Parliament after being voted back to power in June, Modi reminded the nation of the excesses of the Emergency and said that those dark days could not be forgotten. On the fateful night of June 25, the soul of the country was crushed, the voice of the nation's media was stifled, the leaders were put behind bars only to save someone's power seat ..., there was said Modi.

On June 25, Modi had tweeted: “India greets all the greats who resisted fiercely and without fear of the Emergency. The democratic ethics of India successfully prevailed over an authoritarian mentality.