Mumbai: Blackmailed over nude photos, the youth kills themselves

MUMBAI: A 24 Year Old Youth Allegedly Himself In His Vangaon House In The Palghar District On Monday, After Being Blackmailed And Threatened By Two Who After A Drinking Rain Had Taken His Naked Body.

The Vangaon Police Registered A Case Of Accidental Death After Rahul Mishra Was Found On The Ceiling Of His Rented Flat. Although No Suicide Letter Was Found, The Police Interrogates His Roommates On Whose Cell Phone The Photos Are Found.

Mishra And His Roommates, Mid Twenty, Worked For A Pharmaceutical Company In Boisar MIDC. A Few Weeks Ago The Three Got Drunk In Their Flat, When Mishra Was Allegedly Drunk And Fell Asleep. When He Woke Up The Next Morning, His Roommates Went In Flashback From The Last Evening. While They Were Joking And Fooling One Another, The Roommates Shocked Mishra With His Photos. It Turned Out That Mishra Was Undressed By The Roommates, Who Then Clicked Naked On The Photos Of Him.

Mishra Took A Joke And Later Told His Roommates To Delete The Photos, But They Blackmailed Him For Money And Threatened To Upload The Photos On Social Media.

The Police Said It Was Not Known Whether Mishra Paid The Roommates, Who Reportedly Threatened To Threaten Him, Even In The Factory.

It Is Thought That The Roommates Have Expressed Themselves Before Him And Threatened To Let The Photos Go Viral On Sunday. When The Roommates Left On Monday To Work, He Apologized. He Was Later Found Hanging From The Ceiling Of The Flat.

The Police Grabbed The Cell Phones Of Two Roommates On Which Mishra's Photos Were Found They Have Also Received Messages That Mishra Sent To His Roommates And Begged Them To Delete The Photos.

The Body Was Sent For Autopsy To Determine The Cause Of Death And His Family Living In Northern India Was Informed.