A gay couple adopts an HIV positive girl and our heart melts

We had not stopped fainting for the beautiful photos of gay weddings, celebrating pure love and we found this heartbreaking news. A gay couple from Santa Fe, Argentina, adopted a girl who was with HIV and was rejected by 10 families for the reason. Isn't this a GREAT step towards being human?

The girl was born underweight in Olivia in 2014. The baby was HIV positive and was rejected 10 times by families to be adopted due to her condition. But Damian Pighin, 42, and Ariel Vijarra, the first openly gay couple to marry in Santa Fe and entered his life as true angels. The couple hoped to expand their family when they received a call to be Olivia's parents. She was immediately taken to her family when she was less than a month old.

Isn't this a great gesture? Being rejected by 10 families also means that many parents are looking for a perfect child that they can raise instead of thinking humanly about a month-old baby who is suffering.

Ariel and Damien work for Acunar Familias, a non-governmental organization that helps couples adopt unwanted children. As soon as the couple brought her home, Olivia began to respond positively to her HIV treatment and gained weight. Although HIV remains one of the incurable diseases, its medical reports state that the virus was no longer detectable in his blood.