Light up your home with innovative lamps, unique sayings this Deepavali

The festival of lights is fast approaching, and once again it is that time of year when you can light your house with decorative diyas. Bangalore Times contacted Jyoti Lakshmi, a Channapatna lamp manufacturer, who was in Bangalore for an exhibition. Jyoti, who has been in business for more than 15 years, allows us to know the different trends that are illuminating this Deepavali ...

Innovative designs

There are many different designs that can be made with clay diyas and some of these have evolved over the years. There are traditional and simple diyas, priced at `10 onwards. This year, there is a design called ‘step diyas’, a configuration that can hold 25 diyas together. This is priced at `1,000. In addition to this, the other varieties available are floating lamps, vaporizers and glass lamps, as well as lamps with deities and other traditional designs. There is also a special variety called a magic lamp, in which the oil does not spill even when it is filled and turned. Instead, feed the lamp.

Preferred Clay Diyas

Since I work on terracotta products throughout the year, I order a lot of clay to my house

in Channapatna When I visit Bengaluru during the holiday season and make lamps here, I get the clay from Yelahanka. I buy about 25 kg of clay. It costs around 1,500.