Hooda counteracts the tone of nationalism of BJP, says that Pakistan was divided in two under the government of Congress

UCHANA (HARYANA): Strongly counteracting the tone of nationalism of the BJP in the campaign of the Haryana Assembly, former prime minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda He said that it was Congress that ensured independence and that under his government Pakistan was divided into two.

Hooda also criticized Haryana's prime minister for his comments against the head of Congress. Sonia Gandhi Recently, say that a person sitting in a position of responsibility should make responsible comments.

Anyone who makes irresponsible statements must be condemned, he said, referring to Khattar using the Hindi proverb Khoda Pahad Nikli Chuhiya while mocking congressional efforts to find Rahul Gandhi Replacement.

In an interview with PTI while flying from one campaign site to another in a helicopter, Hooda said the assembly polls, scheduled for October 21, are a direct fight between Congress and the BJP in Haryana, since both The JJP as the INLD have become irrelevant.

Hooda's comments in dismissing the Jannayak Janta party and the fact that they have no role after the polls come after the former president of the Haryana congressional unit, Ashok Tanwar, announced his support for the JJP led by Dushyant Chautala .

When asked about the BJP's claims of obtaining more than 75 seats in the 90-member assembly, Hooda said: Hawa palat chuki hai (the wind has changed direction).

The head of the electoral management committee of Congress also said that his party would obtain an absolute majority and form the next government.

There is a wave in favor of Congress. Based on the support the party is receiving, I believe that a congressional government will be formed in Haryana, he said on his way from Uklana in Hisar to Uchana in the state's Jind district. .

When asked about the fact that the BJP aggressively raised the abrogation of Jammu and Kashmir during the election campaign, Hooda said: Regarding Article 370, the whole country knows my views. But it is not an electoral problem as a law has become.

It is the law of the country and nobody opposes, said the two-time main minister, adding that now there is only one problem and that is to establish peace in Kashmir.

On the BJP making nationalism and Article 370 its main voting plan, he said: Congress that samay mein toh Pakistan ke do tukde ho gaye the (Under the rule of Congress, Pakistan was divided into two). This (Article 370) is not a problem.

The problems in electing members of Parliament were different, while the problems in these surveys are different ... local problems are important. The BJP government had made 154 promises, but has not fulfilled a single one and because of this all sections, whether farmers, merchants, officials, workers, are not happy, said the 72-year-old leader.

We are all nationalists. Who is not a nationalist in this country? My father was a nationalist, my grandfather was a freedom fighter. It was Congress that ensured the independence of the country, he said.

In an attempt to end factionalism in the party before the assembly elections in Haryana, Congress appointed Kumari Selja last month as head of its state unit and appointed Hooda president of the electoral management committee.

Congress president Sonia Gandhi also appointed Hooda the Congress Legislative Party (CLP) leader.

When asked if he could be the next prime minister of the state, Hooda evaded a direct response and said the goal now is to form a congressional government.

In national parties, the acting prime minister is the face. And in the case of someone who is not the acting CM, the MLAs and the high command decide. This is true for both Congress and the BJP, he said.

On the people in the demonstrations that said he was his choice CM, he commented that it was people's feelings.

Discarding Tanwar's support for the JJP, he said that a person who quit the party can go anywhere and support anyone.

The veteran leader also dismissed the Modi factor in the polls, saying that people talk about the failures of the Haryana government and the achievements of his government between 2005 and 2014.

People will not deviate, they are intelligent, he said.

Highlighting the promises made by his party in his manifesto, Hooda said no loans will be granted to farmers.

Speaking about key questions in the survey, he said: Unemployment is the biggest problem. The unemployment rate that was at 2.8 percent increased 10 times to 28 percent, the highest in the country. A new industry is not emerging. The government is busy in event management.

Hooda also claimed that there are no internal struggles in the Haryana Congress and that everyone is united. He said there is no confrontation between the old and the new guard in Congress.