It is time for Indian history to be rewritten: Amit Shah

VARANASI: Minister of the Interior of the Union Amit Shah He not only asked historians to rewrite history, but also praised Veer Savarkar for naming the riot of 1857 as the first war of independence.

Shah was here on Thursday to participate in the inaugural function of the two-day international seminar on the role of the famous ruler of the Gupta dynasty, Vikramaditya and the political future of the nation organized by Bharat Adhyayan Kendra, Hindu University of Banaras.

When addressing the meeting, he said that history only takes into account those who change the rules and added that India never invaded any foreign territory, it is the responsibility of historians and the people of the country to preserve and rewrite history.

“How long will we curse the British for the injustice they caused us. Who stops using to write (story)? We should not enter into controversy over past writings and write history with our own point of view, ”said Shah and added that it is very important to write Indian history with the Indian point of view. It is unfortunate that today's children do not know about the great ruler (Skandgupta) who victoriously joined the Indian border from Junagarh to Afghanistan. It is also unfortunate that his merit and contributions have been ignored and that there are not enough historical references about him, Shah said.

“I urge historians to urgently need to rewrite Indian history with an Indian vision. But we should not blame others, as it is our fault. We do not collect reference books of the great empires and personalities. He said that the Gupta period is called the golden period of Indian history and that Skandagupta Vikramaditya is known as the Savior of India, as he successfully fought the battle against the invading Hoons. The story has been unfair to him, although the Chinese ruler praised his victory over Hoons, he said.

“We would still have seen the revolution of 1857 with British shows if Veer Savarkar had not corrected it. It was Savarkar who called it the first war of independence, otherwise, our children today know it as a riot, ”said Shah.

“I think it is not wise to blame left, British or Mughal historians. Instead, we have to change our vision and focus our focus, he said wondering, if our historians cannot make the 200 great personalities and the 25 great empires part of our history.

“It is time for Indian historians to write history with a new vision. We will have to explore the truth and write it down. I firmly believe that the truth will prevail forever, Shah said.

The inaugural function was also addressed by the Prime Minister of the UP and the Minister of the Union, Dr. Mahendra Nath Pandey. A large number of historians, academics and political thinkers from India and abroad are participating in the seminar.