Major Gogoi gets seniority reduction, leaves the valley for" fraternization" with the local woman

SRINAGAR: Major Leetul Gogoi, Who Was In The Center Of The 2017 ' Controversy ', Will Suffer From The Disgrace Of Reduction In Seniority And Leaving Valley With Army Headquarters, Confirming The Punishment For" Fraternization" ; With A Local Woman Last Year, Officials Said Here On Sunday.

A Court Martial Had Gogoi And His Driver Sameer Malla Guilty On Two Counts -" Fraternization" With A Local Woman, Despite Instructions To The Contrary And" Away From Place Of Service While They Were In The Area Of ‚Äč‚ÄčOperation," The Officials Said.

The Company Commander Of The Malla Unity, Who Was Confronted With Accusations Of Unauthorized Absence, Is Authorized To Decide On His Punishment, Which Includes A" Severe Reprimand" .

Malla Was Recruited Into The Territorial Army In 2017 And He Was Posted With 53 Sectors Of, A Force To Combat The Rebellion In Jammu And Kashmir.

The Justice Of The Court Martial Was Confirmed By The Army Headquarters, After Which It Was Decided To Move Him Out Of The Valley, The Officials Said, Adding That The Last Orders Were Received Very Recently.

Gogoi And Malla ' S Summary Of The Evidence Was Completed At The Beginning Of February, Followed By The Introduction Of The Trial, They Said.

The Statements Of Both The Suspect And The Other Witnesses Were Recorded By The Army Court And The Punishment, That Was Revealed By The Army Headquarters, Was Given, She Added.

Major Gogoi And His Driver Were Detained By Jammu And Kashmir Police After A Fight With Hotel Staff When He Reportedly Tried To Introduce It With An 18-year-old Woman On May 23 Last Year.

During The Trial, The Woman Expressed Her Unwillingness To Divest And Let The Authorities Of The Army Know That She Had Made A Statement For A Magistrate And That This Should Be Treated As Her Last Position.

The Woman Had Also Stated That She Had Gone With Her Own Will With Major Gogoi And Revealed That She Had Become A Friend Of The Army Officer Through His Fake Facebook Profile, In Which He Called Himself Ubaid Arman.

Immediately After The Incident Revealed Last Year, The Head Of The Army Had Sayed That Exemplary Punishment Would Be Given To Major Gogoi If He Was Found Guilty Of" Any Violation."

If A Person's Officer Is Found Guilty Of A Violation, We Will Take Action As Strictly As Possible, General Rawat Had Said.

Major Gogoi Hit The Newspaper Heads After Binding A Man To A Jeep Reportedly As A Shield Against An Unmanageable Crowd Throwing Stones During An Interrogation At Budgam, April 9, 2017