Urban SUVs drive great growth in CO2 emissions: IEA

PARIS: The unwavering popularity of sport utility vehicles has made them the second largest contributor to the growth of global CO2 emissions in recent years, just behind the electricity sector, the head of the International Energy Agency He said Wednesday.

In 2010, 18 percent of all car sales in the world were SUVs. In 2018, more than 40 percent of all cars sold in the world are SUV Fatih Birol He said at an electric power conference in Paris.

The demand for heavy vehicles that consume a lot of fuel is increasing in the US. UU. And Europe, as well as in China, India and other developing countries, where they are particularly appreciated as status symbols, according to an IEA report published this week.

And despite having often Four-wheel drive , SUVs are mainly used by urban drivers: the steepest climb they face is probably outside a parking lot.

The SUVs threw around 700 million tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere from 2010 to 2018, almost half of the amount produced by the electricity sector, according to the IEA report.

They exceeded the emissions of heavy industry such as the production of iron or steel, and CO2 far exceeded by trucks, aviation or maritime transport, other highly polluting means of transport under the fire of climate activists.

And Birol warned that even the change from internal combustion engines to electric vehicles, often called the end of the ICE era, would hardly affect the automotive industry's emissions.

Yes electric cars they are very strong, today there are about six million electricity cars in the world, he said at the conference.

But does it mean decarbonization? Absolutely not, he said, noting that half of the cars They are currently in China, which obtains two-thirds of its electricity from coal-fired power plants.

And the IEA report noted that if the demand for SUVs continued at current rates, they would add almost two million barrels to the global daily demand for oil by 2040, offsetting the savings of almost 150 million electricity cars ."

Electric cars they are not a panacea, said Birol, the prerequisite is the decarbonization of the energy system.