Pollution control: organizers opt for innovative technology

NEW DELHI: In recent years, air pollution has been one of the main causes of concern for the organizers of Airtel Delhi Half Marathon ( ADHM ) This year, organizers will resort to multiple measures to combat the threat, including innovative methods such as the adoption of ecologically safe systems such as ultra-high frequency radio pulses.

We have successfully implemented measures to curb air pollution. We will spray water along the route with water jets. The water that we are going to spray is mixed with certain type of chemical effluents that will help to a greater precipitation of suspended particles. informed Vivek Singh from Procam International that organizes the event.

As proven by multiple experts, the ecological agent binds to the dust and reduces the volume of suspended particles and when the water that has been sprayed on the roads begins to vaporize, it creates a safe and clean channel for the runners to run. Secondly, the entire route will be washed with an ecologically safe reagent, mixed with effluent treated water to avoid dust formation. Third, any type of debris, sand or mud will be removed from the route, he told TOI.

And finally, we have deployed a Bangalore-based company that has technology that significantly reduces the suspended particles PM 2.5 and PM 10 of the air and creates an environmental zone, at least about 3 kilometers of radius, Singh said.