Arun Jaitley dubs Congress 'crybaby' for attack on EC

NEW DELHI: Minister Of Finance Arun Jaitley On Tuesday Congress A Cry Baby For Attacking The Electoral Commission After His Recent Clean Song To PM Narendra Modi About Opposition Costs Of Violation Of During Being.

He Said That A Trend Has Recently Developed Among The Parties To Claim That The MCC Has Been Violated By Their Opponents. Congress As The ' Cry Baby ' From This Poll, Lead The Peloton. Article 19 (1) (A) Grants Every Citizen The Right To Freedom Of Expression, He Said.

Calling For A Harmonious Balance Between The Implementation Of My Client Center And The Right To Freedom Of Expression, Jaitley Said In His Blog:" Let's Take Some Recent Illustrative Cases. In The First The PM Appealed The First Time Voters The Sacrifice Of The Martyrs To Keep In Thoughts When They Vote During An Election No Party Or Candidate Was Named The Second Illustration Is A Note Made Regarding The Editor-In-Chief Of Congress That Contested The Wayanad Election.

Reference Is Made Here To The Demographic Composition Of The New Constituency. If Such Speeches Are Considered To Be A Violation Of The MCC (), It Is Possible To Doubt The Constitutionality Of The MCC 'inrelationtofreedomofspeech"