Turkish president Erdogan defends local poll again; critics see power grab

ANKARA: The Turkish President Got There Tuesday Istanbul Mayoral Voice Won By The Opposition Will Only Strengthen Democracy, While Critics Make The Decision An Outrageous To Eliminate Dissidence Against Its Government

Pronunciation In The Advantage Of Erdogan ' S Reigning Party, Turkey ' S Top Electoral Body On Monday Canceled The Results Of The March 31 Vote In Istanbul, Which Opposition Candidate Ekrem Imamoglu Narrowly Won, And Scheduled A Re-run For June 23. The Loss Of Istanbul And Ankara In A Sharp Bang For Erdogan And His Conservative, Islamic Justice And Development Party, Or AKP.

AKP had challenged the results of the vote, claiming it was marred by irregularities. Critics accuse the AKP of clinging to power and of exerting pressure on the country's electoral body to cancel the outcome. The decision has increased concerns over democracy and the rule of law in Turkey . "The will of the people has been trampled on," said Meral Aksener, leader of a nationalist party that had backed Imamoglu.

The Movement Raises Questions About Whether Erdogan, Who Has Consolidated His 16-year Power To Power And Is Accused Of Authoritarianism, Would Ever Accept An Electoral Defeat Or Relinquish Power.