The panel of the American house continues to disdain William Barr

WASHINGTON: A House Commission Is Ready To Keep Attorney General William Barr In Contempt Of Congress - The Opening Volley In What Could Be A Long-Term Bitter Legal Fight Between House And President Donald Over Special Council Robert Mueller ' S Report.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler Scheduled A Vote Of Wednesday To Keep Barr In Contempt Of Congress, Referring To The Department Of Justice ' S Failure To Read The Full Text Of Mueller ' S Report For Monday's Deadline ' Nadler Said Barr ' S Non-Compliance With A Subpoena Left Them With" No Choice" .

The Movement To Hold Barr In Contempt Reflects The Growing Gap Between Democrats And Barr, Accusing Them Of Turning The Results Of Mueller ' Probe To The Advantage Of Trump ' S. Barr Had Said That There Was Insufficient Evidence That Trump Obstructed Justice.

Nadler Said That The Report Version Of Mueller ' S Released To The Public," Troubling Evidence And Analysis Contained That President Trump Engaged In Obstruction Of Top-Level Justice" Now, He Said, Lawmakers Need The Full Version And The Underlying Evidence To Determine How They Can Best Continue With Overview.