Necessary for us to have technologically updated strength, says the head of the Navy

NEW DELHI: On Tuesday, Admiral Chief Admiral Karambir Singh emphasized the need for a technologically updated force and said maintaining the right technological combination is crucial.

Addressing a seminar at the 41st Directors Conference here, Singh said: War and technology are synonyms. When we talk about war, it is changing at a rapid pace because it is being driven by technology. It is very necessary for us to have a technologically updated force. For us, maintaining the right technological combination is crucial.

He said the DRDO is extremely important for the Navy to maintain the technological advantage that is crucial to naval warfare.

Underlining the need to jump in technology, the Navy Chief listed three suggestions.

One is that the momentum has to be in niche technology. Second, we must analyze models such as (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) in the United States more closely. Third, we must encourage small innovators, Singh said.

In my opinion, ideally, the Navy should have a small percentage of slightly old systems so that most of the systems are contemporary and another small percentage would comprise the cutting-edge technology that is being incubated or incorporated into the service, he added. .

Thanking the DRDO for their support over the years, Singh said the research agency has an important role in helping the Navy obtain the right mix of technology and strength levels.

DRDO and the Navy have met and had many success stories. These are the results that are born from close cooperation in the long relationship together. We have had some success stories in joint developments, including the missile, said the Chief of the Navy.

Singh stressed that the Navy is committed to indigenization and self-sufficiency.

He also said: In the sensor domain, we have substantial capacity not far from contemporary technologies. In the basic weapon system, we have made good progress, but it is in the next-generation weapons and ammunition systems that is still in progress. I ask the DRDO to focus on this aspect.