Land Acquisition Law: SC takes a strong exception on the social media campaign for the judge's challenge

NEW DELHI: Judge Justice made a strong exception on Tuesday to a social media campaign and news reports seeking his disqualification from a Constitution bank that is listening to the interpretation of the provisions of the.

Judge Mishra, at the head of the bank of 5 judges, referred to the publications and articles of social networks and said they were not against a particular judge, but an attempt to defame the institution.

Some of the parties, including the farmers' association, requested their challenge for reasons of judicial property, saying that the bank is examining the accuracy of the verdict, which was also the author of it.

On March 6 of last year, the cusp court had said that a larger bank would prove the accuracy of two separate verdicts related to the acquisition of land, issued by two of its similar force banks, which had become a Great controversy

I will be the first person to sacrifice if the integrity of the institution is at stake. I am not partial and nothing influences me on earth. If I am convinced that I am partial, I will only refrain from hearing this. case, said Judge Mishra.

He asked the parties to satisfy him as to why he should refrain from hearing the case.

I can be criticized for my point of view, I may not be a hero and be a spotted person, but if I am convinced that my conscience is clean, my integrity is clean before God, I will not yield. If I believe that I will be influenced by any strange factor, I will be the first to challenge here, he said.

Judge Mishra added that the question is whether we cannot sit on the bank of the Constitution, although it was we who referred the matter to a larger bank. It is not the appeal against the verdict in which I was a party. I can change or correct my opinion, if persuaded.

At first, lead attorney Shyam Divan, who appeared for some of the parties, said that since the presiding judge of the 5-judge Constitution Bank is a signatory of the verdict whose accuracy is being examined by the bank, there could be an element of impartiality. .

The other members of the bank include the judges, Vineet Sharan, M R Shah and S Ravindra Bhat.

Judge Mishra was part of the verdict in which it was held that the acquisition of land by a government agency could not be annulled due to the delay by the owners in accepting compensation within five years due to reasons such as persistent court cases.