BCCI will call a second general meeting after October 23

MUMBAI: The members of the BCCI, on Sunday night, unanimously agreed on the appointment of five new holders of positions that will now be part of the nine-member main council, as recommended by the Supreme Court in its order of July 16, 2018.

Shortly after the designation of the office holders and the presentation of the accounts, the two points mentioned in the agenda of the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of October 23, the BCCI will convene a second AGM with another 21-day notice . It is in that AGM that the new selection committee and the representative of India before the International Cricket Council (ICC) will be designated.

The second General Assembly, in fact, could also see some other important decisions taken, such as the appointment of a supervisory committee of senior BCCI officials to advise the incumbents in the daily administration and a new revision of the existing constitution. It is not yet known who exactly will be part of the supervisory committee. There is still time for that. The important thing at this time is the AGM of 23. Members must first take over the Board, sources that follow the developments said.

TOI had reported on October 3 that BCCI AGM would not see any election. On 13, in Mumbai, the members unanimously agreed on the new set of office holders, thus ensuring that the only other item on the agenda of the General Meeting of Shareholders (the signing and sending of accounts) will take place.

The representative of India to the ICC will be of great importance, as president of the BCCI Sourav Ganguly I spelled it on Monday in Mumbai. It will be necessary to appoint someone standing and who understands the functioning of the ICC and its member boards. Look how BCCI is suffering today.

The ICC is committed to promoting the new Future Tours Program (FTP) even when they know that the BCCI is not comfortable with it. So there are no other countries like the West Indies, New Zealand, Australia and England. But nobody cares. That needs to be corrected, said a senior member of BCCI.

Meanwhile, the new constitution of BCCI, registered by the CoA itself, stipulates that an AGM must be requested with the following agenda items: confirmation of the minutes of the previous general meetings; adoption of the secretary's report for the year under review; adoption of the treasurer's report and audited accounts of the year under review; adoption of the annual budget; appointment of auditor or auditors for the year and set their remuneration; appointment of the ombudsman and ethics officer; appointment of Cricket standing committees and committees as mentioned in Rules 26 and 25.