It will improve the image of BCCI, you will get more money from ICC: Sourav Ganguly

MUMBAI: It was at a time of crisis in Indian cricket that Sourav Ganguly He assumed the position of captain of the Indian team. Dark match-fixing clouds hung on the horizon. Nineteen years later, as soon as he presented his nomination as the only candidate for the office of president of BCCI, Ganguly noted that Indian cricket was also in crisis at this time.


Flanked by the 'old guard' of the BCCI - veteran officials like N Srinivasan, Rajeev Shukla and Niranjan Shah - Ganguly while presenting his nomination at BCCI headquarters here, commented that the Indian cricket was not getting the money he deserved from the International Cricket Council (ICC) It is something that BCCI members have repeatedly pointed out, so it was no surprise that the former captain of India mentioned this concern as one of his top priorities.

That is an area that we will study, Ganguly said. We have not received any money from ICC in recent years, in the sense that we deserve. India generates 70-80% of revenue. Then, that will be on the agenda. We have to find a solution for this since this does not lead anywhere, he said. Ganguly's comments mean that a new confrontation between the ICC and the BCCI is just around the corner.

'Conflict of interests is a big concern'

Not for the first time, Ganguly criticized the issue of conflict of interest that forced him to resign from the BCCI Cricket Advisory Committee (CAC) and Delhi capitals 'mentoring.

He reiterated that the contentious clause was discouraging the main cricket players from serving the game after retirement in administrative/training capacity. Conflict of interest is a problem. And I'm not sure if we will get the services of the best cricketers in the system, because they will have other options to take advantage of. Because if they enter the system and fail to do what it is for a living, it is very difficult for them to be part of this system and make a difference, Ganguly said.

Without elections, on October 23 will be held here the Annual General Assembly (AGM) of BCCI. The AGM will see the birth of a new selection committee. Yes, we will have a new selection committee, Ganguly said. It effectively means that the team selection for the Bangladesh series for next week will be the final assignment of the current selection committee, headed by MSK Prasad.

'The image of BCCI has been tarnished'

A veteran of 113 tests and 311 ODI, Ganguly wants to improve the image of the Board, which, according to him, has been marred by CoA since the last three years. I am assuming control at a time when BCCI has not been in the best position. It is a great opportunity to do something good, Ganguly told PTI.

Being selected without opposition, he felt, placed a great responsibility on his shoulders. Whether without opposition or not, there has to be responsibility, as it is the largest organization in world cricket. Financially, India is a cricket power, so it will be a challenge, he said.