Update from Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke, October 14: Mishti's shocking statement

The last episode of Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke starts with Open Apologizing to Mishti. Mishti He says he regrets trusting him blindly.

Meenakshi says that Open doesn’t need her anymore as his father had returned.

Mehul asks Meenakshi to stop all of this and says that her words stab his heart like daggers. She says if he thinks she has always given him pain. Mehul you add.

Parul tells Mehul that no matter how hard he tries, nobody is going to trust him. He tells Parul that he will not go anywhere leaving his son and that Meenakshi will not leave Kunal . He then asks Parul if he thinks Meenakshi will support her.

Open overheard Kuhu and Kunal talking and learns the truth about Kunal and Shweta.

Open vows to tell the truth to Mishti . She says that she just wants to know what did he think when he learned that Kunal has run away from the Mandap. He says that he will not hide anything from her. He says that Kunal hates her because his mother hates her too. Mishti tells Open that Kunal is an adult and that no one can influence him. She says that she doesn’t want to talk to him until he accepts the truth.

Mehul asks Open that what has happened to him. Open says he is fine. Mehul asks Open to share his sorrows with him. Open tells him that Kunal is divorcing Kuhu so that he can separate Mishti from him. Mehul gets shocked to hear all of this.

Mehul asks Open if he can bear losing Mishti and offers to help him out.