Jyotiraditya Scindia moves families of victims of defecation by defecation to a safer place

BHOPAL: former minister of the Union Jyotiraditya Scindia On Sunday he visited and met the families of two children, Avinash and Roshni, who were beaten to death by men from the upper caste for defecating outdoors. With the help of the district administration on Monday, Scindia and congressional workers moved the family to the city of Shivpuri after the victim families said they lived in fear. Scindia also wrote a letter to the Prime Minister Kamal Nath demanding the allocation of land for families and compensation of Rs 50 lakh to each family.

In the letter addressed to CM Nath, the leader of Congress said: A heartbreaking incident occurred recently in the Bhavkhedi village of Shivpuri district in which two children of Avinash, son of Roshni and daughter of Kalla Valmik, were beaten to death for defecating outdoors. The incident is very tragic and condemnable. The families of the children belong to the category of programmed caste and are very poor, so a source of income must be managed.

Scindia in the letter asked Prime Minister Nath to allocate 10 bigha land pots in addition to the financial aid of Rs 50 lakh each.

A statement from the Scindia office said they went to meet with the families of the victims on Sunday when they talked about the unsafe environment in the village and asked if they could be given a place to live in the city of Shivpuri. Scindia spoke with the district administration and a temporary agreement was reached within hours. Scindia-led congressional workers moved families to a safe place until their permanent homes were built. The main leader of Congress also promised to give Rs 5 lakh and more for the construction of houses for the two families.

Speaking to reporters in Shivpuri, Jyotiraditya Scindia said, When I went to meet the families yesterday, I assured them that I will leave Shivpuri only after they have been settled. He thanked the state government and administration for giving the families separate temporary accommodation of two rooms with kitchen and courtyard.

Permanent houses are being built. I have decided to give my personal finances Rs 5 lakh to Rs 5.5 lakh or whatever is necessary. The administration has promised to give government jobs to a member of each family of victims, he said. When the houses are complete, they will be changed. The police also presented today the charge sheet. The judicial proceedings will begin soon and I have full faith that families will receive justice.