Bangalore: Delhi 'Madam', arrested his seven UP boys

BENGALURU: A 34-year-old woman and her seven associates who robbed people after promising to bring them Saudi rials at cheap prices were arrested Monday.

Shafiya Begum, alias Madam, 34, of New Delhi, had brought residents, 19, Raheem Khureshi, 24 ,, 39, Mohammed Shanawaz 30, Mohammed Ibrahim, 30, Raheem Sheikh, 56 and Anwar Hussain, 24, to Bengaluru and got them houses. for rent in Parappana Agrahara.

According to police sources, Shafiya moved on automatic stretchers and taxis and became friends with the drivers talking to them. He would tell them that he worked at the residence of a Gulf businessman in Bengaluru and that his employer had given Rs five lakhs worth Saudi rials. Shafiya would tell car and taxi drivers that she was not very familiar with currency exchange transactions and that she was ready to give away Rs five lakhs worth Saudi rials for only Rs three lakhs.

Some taxi drivers trusted her and fell into her trap. She would ask them to bring the cash to deserted places. When taxi drivers landed at the scene, Shafiya's men would attack them and flee with the money.

According to police sources, Shafiya divorced her husband and arrived in Bangalore in 2010 with the intention of earning money quickly.

She brought well-built young job applicants from UP to Bangalore and provided shelter on the outskirts of the city. Some of the men he brought worked as workers. They addressed her as Lady and, in exchange for her generous help, fulfilled her orders, the sources said.

Each time the gang members were arrested, Shafiya received a new group of people. He also divided the loot money equally, but withheld a certain amount under the main insurance, which he would use for legal expenses when the men were arrested.

The sources said that Shafiya was involved in robberies since 2011 in Bangalore and that six cases were recorded in two different police stations in the city. Shafiya had been arrested once before and released on bail. As she did not attend the judicial hearings and continued with her criminal activities, orders for non-amparo and proclamation against her were issued.