Sri Lanka is still threatened by IS terror attacks, says Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe

COLOMBO: Sri Lanka Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe On Tuesday, The Authorities Said That All The Terrorists Responsible For The Dead Were Arrested Or Killed, But Warned That The Country Was Still Facing The Threat Of Terrorist Attacks. When He Spoke In Parliament During A Debate On The Current Security Situation In The Country, Wickremesinghe Said To All Those Who Are Directly Connected To The Easter Sunday Attacks Were Killed Or Taken Into Custody.

Nine suicide bombers carried out blasts that tore through three churches and three hotels on the Easter Sunday, killing over 250. IS claimed the attacks. Wickremesinghe said investigations had revealed the bombers had direct or indirect links with IS and the nation needed sophisticated technology to deal with the threat posed by such terror networks. "The danger is not over, we are now a victim of global Terrorism " He Said. He Said That Sri Lanka must work with the international community to face the global threat from Terrorism . "Some assume working with the international community means bringing down foreign troops.

That Doesn't Happen, He Said. His Comments Came As Military Leaders Assured That The Country Is Now Safe And Can Return To Normal.