25 lakh tourists visited India in 2018 with an e-visa

NEW DELHI: India Had Issued More Than 25 Lakh Last Year, A Five-fold Jump From 2015, And Lowered The Main Category Visa From 26 To 21, Said An Official Sunday.

The Ministry Of The Interior Officials Have Also Said That Visa Subcategories Have Been Reduced From 104 To 65, Rationalizing And Simplifying The Visa Regime And Eliminating Confusion.

The Number Of E-visas Issued By The Bureau Of Immigration, Under The Ministry Of The Interior, Has Increased From 5.29 Lakh In 2015 To 25.15 Lakh Last Year, The Official Said.

On The Other Hand, The Number Of Regular Or Paper Visas Issued By Indian Missions Abroad Has Fallen From 45 Lakh To About 35 Lakh In The Same Period.

The Number Of Main Visa Categories Has Been Reduced From 26 To 21 By Clubbing A Number Of Categories.

The E-Visa Facility Now Includes 166 Countries And Foreigners Can Get An Online Visa Within 72 Hours For Travel Related To Tourism, Business, Health, Medical Assistance And Conference Purposes.

The Scope Of The Film Visa Is Extended With Web Shows And Series And Locations Of Locations. No Registration Is Now Required If The Stay Of A Foreigner With A Film Visa In India Is A Maximum Of 180 Days, The Officer Said.

These Measures Will Remove The Current Barriers To The Application Of The Visa Regime For Films And Are Expected To Promote India As A Favorite Destination For Making Recordings Of Different Types Of Films And Shows.

The Scope Of The Tourist Visa Has Been Extended With Activities Such As Short-term, Unstructured Courses (up To Six Months) On Local Languages, Music, Dance, Arts And Crafts, Cooking, Medicine. Volunteering Up To A Month Is Now Also Permitted Under Tourist Visas.

Provisions Of An Internship Visa Have Been Liberated. Previously It Was Given Only After Graduation Or Completion Of The Study.

Now A Foreigner Can Walk In India At Any Time Of His Study Internship. Visa For Internship In Indian Companies Can Now Be Given For A Lower Salary Minimum Of Rs 3.6 Lakh Per Year Instead Of The Previous Minimum Limit Of Rs.7.8 Lakh. This Would Facilitate The Granting Of More Internship Visas To Foreigners.

India ' The Visa Regime Has Been Overhauled Over The Past Two Years By Making It Easier To Understand And Manage.

It Has Become More Liberal In Terms Of Length Of Stay, Number Of Visits Allowed And Flexibility In Conducting Various Activities.

The Simplified Visa Scheme Will Promote Tourism, Business Contacts, And Interpersonal Contacts, Another Officer Said.

The Duration Of E-Tourist And E-Business Visa Has Increased From 60 Days To One Year.

Restrictions On Two Listings In One Year Have Been Removed. Now Multiple Enrollments Are Allowed On These E-Business And E-Tourist Visas.

A Foreigner Can Apply Online For E-Business And E-Tourist Visas At Any Time. Limitation Of Up To 120 Days In Advance Application Prior To The Expected Date Of Arrival In India Apart From, The Official Said.