ISL will replace I-League as the best league in the country

New Delhi, October 14 () The Indian Super League (ISL) will replace the I-League as a top-level competition in the country according to a proposal submitted by the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) on reforms of the national structure in the India.

The roadmap was formulated at a meeting of the I-League and ISL clubs with officials of the All India Football Federation (AIFF) and the AFC in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on Monday.

FSDL officials, the organizers of the ISL, were also present during the meeting.

According to the road map, ISL champions would also be entitled to a play-off spot in the AFC Champions League and I-League champions would take a place in the AFC Cup in a package that has Take into account the FIFA recommendations/AFC Report 2017.

Everyone has to put the good of Indian football at the forefront and make the best decisions to develop club football in India. The AFC will be very involved to ensure the growth of the game to the next level with the path to a single league, AFC Secretary General Dato 'Windsor John, said in a statement.

Each point of this package, and it is a package, has been carefully thought out and is simply aimed at providing the best opportunity to develop Indian club football. We have informed AIFF that 10-12 teams are not enough for the Top League: it must be bigger.

Everyone has contributed to the development of the Indian club game: ISL, I-League clubs, the AIFF and the AFC, and I am sure that if this road map is considered more, Indian football will see the benefits for the game. Now we are working together to offer the best future, he added.

AIFF General Secretary Kushal Das said the proposed roadmap is the best for everyone interested in Indian football.

We now have a road map that provides the best opportunity for football clubs in India. I would like to thank the AFC - and its Secretary General - for their contribution to propose a solution to this unique problem. India is an important country for football in Asia, he said.

We have to be financially sustainable and take into account all the commercial and contractual aspects of this plan because trade is key for football not only in India but throughout the world of football.

We must be aware of that fact of football life, that football legacy and investment are equally important for the development of Indian football, Das added.

The proposal will now be submitted to the AFC Executive Committee and the AIFF Executive Committee for approval.

According to the roadmap proposed in the 2019-20 season, the ISL will reach the main league competition status in Indian football.

In addition to as a special compensation for India, the AFC will allow the winning ISL club to represent India in the AFC Champions League play-offs, and the I-League winner can play the AFC Cup qualifier. .

Another key recommendation of the AFC is to open a path for the entry of two I-League clubs in the ISL by the end of the 2020-21 season, subject to the criteria that are met.

In addition, from the 2022-23 season, the winner of the I-League will have the opportunity to be promoted to the ISL without participation cost, complying with the sporting merits and the national club's licensing criteria established by the AIFF. There will be no decline in the ISL at this time.

In its recommendation for 2024-25, it is agreed to fully implement the promotion and descent to the top league, and the abolition of two parallel leagues.

The proposal was presented in June by the AIFF when it announced that the ISL would take over the classification of the AFC Champions League of the I-League India from 2019-20. This effectively means that the ISL takes over the premier soccer league in India. The I-League clubs initially protested and asked for the introduction of the promotion and descent to allow them to participate in the ISL. SSC AT AT