Nach Baliye Update October 9, 13: Urvashi Dholakia- Anuj Sachdeva and Sourabh Raj- Riddhima Jain are removed from the program

The last episode of Nach Baliye 9 It begins with Waluscha telling the audience that the judges along with the contestants played a joke on Yuvika and Prince as part of their anniversary surprise and that they are not eliminated.

Yuvika and Prince get an average of 74 points from the judges.

Urvashi, Anuj along with the winner of Super Dancer Rupsa take the stage for their performance. Waluscha asks Rupsa that he likes acting with Urvashi and Anuj. She says she loved Uravshi, but Anuj is still stuck in one step.

Rupsa and Urvashi together do the Komolika hike. Urvashi and Anuj become the third Jodi to be in the last three. The children ask Manish and Ahmed to make a challenge together.

Waluscha invites Gaurav and Amardeep to the stage. Both stun everyone with their robotic act in the song cheez badhi hai mast mast, soch na sake and apna time ayega.

Judges Raveena and Ahmed announce the biggest battle on the stage of Nach Baliye. In this battle round, the winning Jodi will get 10 points and zero for the losing Jodi. Two jodis will come out will have to leave the Nach Baliye show.

The round begins with all the children of the Super Dancer performance.

Ali and Natasha, aka Alyna and Vishal and Madhurima, aka Virima, become the first to fight each other. Virima is featured in the song Dhan Te Na and Alyna in the Duniyan Mein Ko logo. Both jodis then face each other in the song Dishoom. Alyna wins the round and receives 10 points from the judges.

The next to act were Rohit and Anita (Ronita) v/s Prince and Yuvika (Privika). While Privika performs in the song Jashn-e-Ishqaa, Ronita performs in Saat Samundar Paar. Both compete with each other in the song Sau Tarah Ke. The judges were not so impressed with the performances of the jodis and call this round a draw and give them a zero.

Rajkumar insists on dancing with Raveena in the song of his film Andaaz Apna Apna.

The next to compete were Shraddha and Alam, also known as Shalam v/s Sourabh and Riddhima, also known as SouRidhi. Shalam is featured in the song Dil Haara and SouRidhi in breathless. Both jodis then dance in Dhoom again. ShaLam becomes the winner of this round.

Rajkumar and Mouni say goodbye to the show.

The last to act in battle were Shantanu and Nityaami (NiShan) and Urvashi and Anuj (UrUj). While UrUj dances in the song Kaali Kaali Aankhein, NiShan in Muqabla. Both jodis then dance in the Boss song. NiShan becomes the winner of the showdown and also receives Hi5 from the judges.

The main cast of the Ye Jaadu Hai Jin Ka series becomes part of the show and offers a beautiful performance.

Divya Khosla Kumar also joins as a guest and woo everyone with her impressive performance in the song Bheegi Bheegi Raaton.

Urvashi and Anuj, Sourabh and Riddhima, and Shraddha and Alam become part of the last three. Jodis Urvashi and Anuj, also known as UrUj and Sourabh and Riddhima, also known as SauRidhi, are eliminated from the show.