Bring home the shine

Now that the holiday season has been declared open, it is the right time to open its doors too: to happy elections, bright surprises and lively vignettes. Here is a list to start the festivities on the right note ...

Throw some pillows


Not literally, but bright pillows can add a festive touch to a room almost instantly. Whether you choose solids for a floral sofa or chair, or colorful and patterned pillows for a solid color chair or sofa, these simple additions will add comfort and color.

Conversation starters


Spice up your home with statement accessories that you know will be noticed and will make people talk. Retro selections such as old phones, gramophones and antiques add a nostalgic touch to your home that matches the feel of the season.

Minimalism is sophistication.


Let 2019 be the year of sophistication in home decoration. Festivals mean spirituality and that should be reflected in your home. This festive season has to do with a minimalist decoration. Most people, in an attempt to add brightness and brightness to reflect the season, tend to exaggerate a bit. This year it will be less about bling and more about creating a festive atmosphere with only some tasteful accessories. Think of few floral arrangements of your favorite color scattered throughout the house; light scented candles; mixing hanging plants with colored lights and displaying delicate polished cutlery: smaller festive decorations can be used to create wonderful vignettes around the house.


Create a mood


With a minimalist decoration, create a beautiful screen in an area of ​​the house. Tip: Decorating around the entrance brings good vibes to the home. It is also a way to impress your guests, since that is the first thing they will see when they enter your home. Home design expert Sumessh Menon says that the holiday is when people come to experience the warmth of their home. One reason why festive decoration should radiate warmth. Its appearance for the season is to add the right amount of brightness and light to your space. Your selections: shiny silk cushions and a single large lamp. He suggests creating captivating vignettes on a side table or a dining table with tea lights and fresh rose petals. Add a brass lamp in the center for that perfect ethnic touch. The idea is to keep the festive color palette: think of a combination of warm traditional shades of yellows, oranges and forest greens and mix them with elements such as brass, wood and glass.

Use new colors


Choose some new colors in your coral home (Pantone color 2020) or opt for Neo Mint in home decoration, promoted by the WGSN forecasting agency as the color for interiors. Yellow and navy blue will also see an increase this season. Interior designer Burgis Daruwalla says that the holiday season in India is usually an intense play of colors. “Make bold design choices when designing a space. A piece that attracts the attention of traditional and colorful tribal art is an excellent way to bring the festive spirit into your home, ”he suggests. Or simply look for plush carpets to add energy to social and common areas such as the dining room or living room. If there is an accent you want, look for a declaration chair or wallpaper to decorate the space to welcome the festivities at home.

Add a little shine


What is the season without additional lighting? Fairy lights are a staple to decorate your home. Give your home the warm glow of LED lights. Create your own magical lighting display using fresh green garlands, garland chains and ornaments. Also place interesting diyas everywhere. Place sculptural lamps and highlight the lighting around the house. The innovative lighting gives a unique signature of warmth. You can even hire a lighting designer to give you advice and make your lighting captivating during the festival. Also, be smart and use energy-saving lighting that does not harm the environment. If you light candles, choose beeswax or soy-based candles, as they do not cause internal contamination that comes from paraffin.

13 Creating vignettes on a side table or dining table with tea lights and fresh rose petals and a brass lamp in the center adds that perfect ethnic touch. Make sure there is an equal mix of warm traditional shades of yellows and oranges with elements such as brass, wood and glass.

- Sumessh Menon, home design expert

They make fun of with crockery


Decorate your table with elegant utensils, which include glasses, trays, bowls and other cutlery. Always have a signature centerpiece, as it elevates the look of the table. In addition, some soft aromas around the table help elevate the experience. Pay attention to the details: the flowers, the bright cutlery, the elegant porcelain, the bright-colored tablecloth create the right atmosphere. Even your service must be classic. Focus on textures, as they add visual interest.


Supplement with style


Bright cushions and scented candles are the best ways to take the festivities home. Choose cedar, sandalwood or patchouli as fragrances

Stock up on table runners, tablecloths and coasters to add an elegant touch to your dining table. In design, test and interweave in culture: choose a tribal rug, a statue of Rajasthani or a Naga embroidered wall decoration. Festival time has to do with creativity: use ornaments in your decoration. For example, elegant coffee cups can be used as candlesticks or bottles filled with colored lights or a shawl can be made as an elegant tapestry. Think, create and fix the house with accents that you know will be noticed. Also implement aromatherapy to create the environment of cedarwood sandalwood, patchouli and rose, everything smells as if the festivities were just around the corner.

Paint a window frame

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Changing the color of a window frame makes it stand out. To add energy to a room, try an orange, white against teal or, if you love a pinch of sun, choose yellow.

Paint your bookshelf


A great touch of color can be added by painting the shelf. You can look for contrast by painting the frame of a color,

and the interior in a contrasting tone.

Prepare your house


* Declutter. The holiday period is the best time to reassess everything in your space and set aside things that no longer give you joy. The mess is the most important starting point when you start setting up your home for the holiday season. It allows you to make room for new things. A deep professional deep cleaning should follow.

* Refresh your fabrics. Reupholstering certain pieces in your home, at regular intervals, helps keep your home alive and full of completely new energy; It is an excellent way to maintain the freshness of your spaces.

* Buy versatile flashlights and tea stands. The season, whether Diwali or Christmas, requires candles and beautiful lighting. Invest in flashlights that hold large pillar candles, as well as modern decorative tea light stands.

* Be sustainable. Think about how to reduce waste and opt for products that you can reuse, which is really important for sustainability. Handmade pottery and ceramics will be another excellent way to decorate your home.

- Ekta Khialani, interior expert


Festive lanterns are great for the season. Opt for the colorful and old: that's all you need to dress a corner or a table.

Mindfulness in design

There is a 200 percent increase in mindfulness decoration

According to Pinterest More people are incorporating mindfulness into interior design.

Less brightness, more brightness

This year it will be less about bling and more about creating a festive atmosphere with only some tasteful accessories.

Get a terrarium


Use old mason jars, tea cups, fish tanks, teapots as a base for your terrariums

Play with luxurious and lush textures, gold, shiny surfaces to add sparkle and glamor. Garden designer Ratna Singh suggests going to the terrariums. You can even create bright terrarium displays using gold-colored artificial orchids in bright plant pots with bright golden tones, copper, brass and silver finishes. Combine with bright candlesticks. Singh suggests: Terrariums help you add a relaxing feeling of the hills in your living room and make it festive for the season. For your information, terrariums are container gardens and a way to go outdoors. Also known as miniature gardens or fairy gardens, terrariums are air purifiers, air fresheners, energy stimulators and stress destroyers. From a splintered cup to a mason jar, anything can become a mini garden. All you need is some stones, earth, a layer of activated carbon, a pinch of water and a variety of cacti and succulents. Singh advises examining old crockery, crockery and glassware in his closet to find interesting options, from bottles to jars, fish tanks and even glasses and light bulbs, almost everything works fine. It is also a great gift for the season.