Update from Lakshmi Baramma, October 11: Lakshmi seeks help from Chandhan

In the last episode of Lakshmi Baramma , Lakshmi asks family members to stay away from their conflicts with Shruthi, as it would ruin their peace of mind. Parvathi gets angry and makes fun of Lakshmi.

Shruthi intervenes and informs Lakshmi that he will not change his decision to remarry. Parvathi tries to make Shruthi understand the complications in Lakshmi's life. But Shruthi argues with her and leaves the place.

While the conflict between Lakshmi and Shruthi continues, Lakhsmi seeks Chandhan's help to convince Shruthi against his new marriage. Chandan recalls the security he had given Shruthi and denies Lakshmi's help. He advises you to face the situation alone.

Chandan also seeks an apology from Lakshmi for not helping her. Lakshmi decides to face Shruthi alone.

On the other hand, Ranjith shows Kalpana and Parvathi, the profile of Lakshmi uploaded by Shruthi at the marriage sites. He also informs them that Kumudha is one, who is behind all the incidents that occur in the house.

Kumudha listens to his conversation and tries to defend his activities. She tries to manipulate Parvathi and Lakshmi speaking in favor of Lakshmi's future.